On Tour: Pullman, Washington

We haven’t done a lot of “travelogue” tourist photos, but the drive from Boise to Pullman left both of us speechless at times. So before we get back to the “business” of the Tinker Tour, here’s a quick gallery showing some of the beauty we were so lucky to experience along the way.

And then we were back in Washington! (Or what Mike likes to call “Home.”)


On Monday, we spent the day on the campus of Washington State University, where Mary Beth shared her “confessions” during a lunchtime talk at the Foley Institute.



photo 11 photo 2-1


While, afterwards, Mike spoke to the student staff of The Daily Evergreen.

IMG_3441 IMG_3439


Before ending the day with a campus and community-wide talk that was part of WSU’s Friel Lecture series.



On Tuesday, we visited Pullman High School


where after after getting set up and a quick cup of coffee….










…we spoke to two student assemblies, including one where we were joined by Pullman High School Principal Joe Thornton, who asked to be included in a forum where students could raise questions and share their concerns.

IMG_3464 IMG_3457



Then it was a quick drive back to WSU where Mary Beth was interviewed by WSU TV…


…we spoke to Prof. Beth Hindman’s media law class…


…and we finished off the day with a trip to WSU’s legendary campus cheese and ice cream shop.


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