Student projects on “Tinker”

Luke DiBonaventura, an 8th grade student at Strath Haven Middle School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, won a History Day award for his amazing video on the history and meaning of the peace sign.   Great contribution to peace, Luke!

Dec 11

Jacob Fish and other Iowa HS students have a great new video that came out Feb, 2019 on free speech rights, and being an American.  They used their free speech last year to stand up against gun violence. Check their C-SPAN project~!

Students do lots of projects on “Tinker v Des Moines…”   Some are for History Day, and some are for other class assignments.

On this page, we’ll share some of these amazing projects.  But, you’ll find more on youtube.   Good job, students!

Alexander Walker & Kyle Bush (Times Picayune, New Orleans)
Alexander Walker & Kyle Bush
(Times Picayune, New Orleans)

Students at Ruppel Academy were among six winners of the Jr. Scholastic contest about “Tinker,” and what they stand up for:

And, here’s a website created recently by Maren, a 7th grader in Minnesota:


Here’s Emma Shipley’s 2012 project:  Urbandale Student Wins ACLU Video Contest  



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