On Tour: Ames, Iowa

The Web media staff was the first of three groups we got to speak to at Ames High School on Thursday, April 17…

student media Ames HS
…We had a great time talking with them about the Tinker case and using Freedom of Information laws. You can check out their paper here.

Next came two big groups of students…

Ames HS
…The last of which had the amazing opportunity to see both Mary Beth Tinker AND Cathy Kuhlmeier, the plaintiff in the famous Hazelwood case.

MB with K at Ames

autographs at AmesThen we got to participate in First Amendment Week at Iowa State University…

university crowd
…where we were introduced by Iowa State Daily Adviser Mark Witherspoon…

Mike Hiestand moderated a discussion about a number of student free speech cases, including Tinker, Fraser, Hazelwood and Bong Hits 4 Jesus.

mike at univ discussion
The discussion marked only the third time that Mary Beth and Cathy have shared the stage!

armbands at univ
And Mary Beth’s older brother Leonard Tinker (right) was in the audience, too! What a lovely and historic evening!

For great coverage of the night, check out this Iowa State Daily story.




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