Your contribution to the Tinker Tour is especially valuable in these “mighty times” when student voices need to be encouraged

For tax deductible donations:

1. Click here to donate online via the Student Press Law Center (501c3 non-profit). Please be sure to say “Yes” to the question “I would like to Dedicate this gift,” and specify that your gift is in honor of the Tinker Tour [link to SPLC donate page]
2. Make a donation via check. Make your check payable to “Student Press Law Center” and put ‘Tinker Tour’ in the memo line of the check.  Then, mail to Student Press Law Center, 1608 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 211, Washington, D.C. 20036.

Thank you for supporting the Tinker Tour!

Photo courtesy of BVWHS student photographer Elise St. Louis

Thanks, Blue Valley School District in Kansas, for  supporting student voices!   Photo by student photographer Elise St. Louis

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