On Tour: Oh Canada!


So we began — and finished — the “Tinker World Tour” on the same day with a visit to Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, organized by the Justice Education Society of BC.

The drive from Mike’s house in Washington State to BMSS was less than hour.

The short distance reflected our visit. Because what was most interesting weren’t the differences we found, but the similarities. Our sit-down with Canadian students could, for the most part, have just as easily been in Wichita, Kansas, or Lincoln, Nebraska, or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kent, Ohio or Chelsea, Mass.  — or in almost any one of the other Tinker Tour stops where we had a chance to hear from students.



What was on their minds? Much the same as their peers to the south.

Frustration with a lack of true input in making decisions about their daily lives (e.g., dress codes, cafeteria food, school safety, student government), concerns about the environment, about animal rights, speaking up about violence against women…

and health awareness.

And teachers that make a difference.,,,



Following Mary Beth’s talk, students from Simon Fraser University, working with the Justice Education Society, gave a presentation about how to increase the role of women in influencing policy and effecting change and introduced students to their brand new initiative, YouthCity.capart of the Young Women Civic Leaders project.

The team from Simon Fraser University and the Justice Education Society of BC

The Young Women Civic Leaders Project team from Simon Fraser University and the Justice Education Society of BC

Heading back to the United States…


crossing at the International Peace Arch…


as we finished our “official” final day on the 2013-14 Tinker Tour — nearly 25,000 miles and some 100 stops after we kicked things off — we were greeted with a rainbow!


Thank you, Universe.





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