On Tour: Oklahoma

To get to Thursday’s stop in Norman, Oklahoma, Mike and Mary Beth traveled through Weatherford, where they got to see an F-4 Phantom…


…Those who have attended Mike and Mary Beth’s talks may recognize that as the plane Mike’s dad flew in Vietnam. Pretty cool to get to touch a piece of history!


Then, Mike and Mary Beth spent a full day at the University of Oklahoma.

They were treated to a lunch gathering at the university’s law school…


…talked to an undergraduate journalism class…



…got to participate in a panel discussion…


…and met the student media staff of the Oklahoma Daily!



It was a jam-packed and inspiring day. And more inspiration was to come.

On Friday, Mike and Mary Beth went to Norman North High School to speak to a Constitutional Law class.


There, they met students who were eagerly speaking out about anti-abortion protestors who have staked out their school, and the city’s reaction to the situation. (The creation of a ‘buffer zone’ is currently being considered.)

Caitlin Bias and Paul McCarthy were a couple of students who shared their thoughts with us…


You can learn more about that intriguing situation from The Oklahoman.




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