CNN? CSPAN? Check out Carlsbad HS, Where TV News (their own) Starts The Day Every Day!

On the set of chstv at  Carlsbad HS

On the set of chstv at Carlsbad HS

At Carlsbad HS, a live news show kicks off the day for students every single day of the week.  Produced by award-winning chstv students right in the studios of Carlsbad HS, the show features events, people and issues of interest to the Carlsbad HS community- a lot!  Thanks to Doug Green, their amazing adviser, for inviting the Tinker Tour.  And, thanks for the great interview by Allan Weedman and Lauren Strieicher!  And, best wishes to Student Television Network for a wonderful convention in Orlando this weekend.  Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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