On Tour: An Amazing Day at Harding Junior High

We had a fantastic day at Warren Harding Junior High School Tuesday, and loved Mary Beth’s locker dedication – what an honor!

And to make the dedication even better, the student who currently uses locker number 319…

…is named Gabrielle and nicknamed Gabby (just like our RV) for how much she loves to chat.

For now, Mary Beth gave the principal an assortment of student newspapers, a copy of the US Constitution, armbands and other memorabilia to fill the locker with. Soon, the locker will get a fresh coat of paint and a brass plate honoring the Tinkers, and will be topped with a photo of the siblings.

Thanks to all the media who showed up today, and to Candace Bowen for this awesome pic with WHJHS students! We had the best time coming home to share our story with you.


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