Supreme Court

What an evening at the Supreme Court!  Thanks again to the Supreme Court Historical Society, Greg Joseph,  Justice Alito, Kelly Shackelford, who told the “Tinker/Eckhardt” story so well, and all who attended.   It was so great to have John here in DC for the event…….

John & MB w Armbands, Sup Ct. 11:6:13

…….as well as his son, Fisher, who took a couple of days off from 3rd grade to learn a little American history from his pop and bounce a ball on the “highest court in the land” (thanks a lot,  Leslie and Charlie!)  What a special night-   Fisher said he’s going to tell his whole school about it.  Maybe he’ll get extra credit!

With Kesh & Fisher

Outside the Supreme Court with John, Mary Beth, Fisher and Kesh.

Here’s to the First Amendment!

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