Tinker Tour Week 7 in Review

Last week we traveled a lot of miles, from Baton Rouge to McComb, Mississippi,  to Mobile, Alabama, and even down to southern Florida to Ft. Lauderdale.  Along the way, we talked with a lot of students, and they told us about the many issues they’re speaking up about.  Here are just a few:

more diversity in law schools, representation of minorities in public policy making, government shutdown, better food in schools, school dress codes, equal access to information, or “digital democracy,” marijuana legalization, Trayvon’s law, school press rights, the rights of third world women,  too much emphasis on technology, having to pay for music programs in school, music programs not getting equal funds as sports program, independence from parents, school start times, art program being cut, photography program being cut,  schools not getting enough funds, bullying, being able to attend the Tinker Tour presentation (yes, there was a petition at McComb’s Jr. High!) LGBT rights, access to social media in school, GMOs, “free Tilikum the whale!” at Sea World, less (or no) standardized tests.   Whew…. and that’s just a few!

Miles traveled this week: 1,276

Miles traveled on Tinker Tour to date: 6,766

(Does not include Mike’s 2,989 mile trip from Ferndale, WA, to deliver the Tinker Bus to the Liberty Bell for the tour’s official kickoff Sept. 17.)

Coming Up in Week 8:

Monday: Univ. of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Ga.


AM: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

PM: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Ala.

Wednesday: U.S. Supreme Court, Washington, DC (Ticketed event through U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society)

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