$46,475 raised, $3,525 to tip; 11 hours left


We’re not quite there, but we see the finish line now. We feel it!

After starting to contemplate what a Plan B might look like, we — YOU –made a monumental push over the last 4 days, raising over $20,000. Plan A is ready to go. Miracles happen. Miracles happen.

We have 11 hours left. The crowdsource campaign is sealed shut forever at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific tonight (Saturday). We have to actually cross the $50,000 mark to keep the money. Close, though it feels great now, doesn’t count.

We are learning some wonderful things here in New Mexico at our Transformation Speaking workshop about making change by telling better stories. We are working on crafting a new and better story about the value — and POWER — of youth voice.

And, with all of your help, we will be ready to share what we’ve learned with our next generation so they’re ready to start telling their own, better stories.

Thank you everyone. Let’s bring this home.

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