Jim Lehrer, Here’s my number. Call me, maybe?

PBS NewsHour Host Jim Leher's 2000 book, "A Bus of My Own."

PBS NewsHour Host Jim Lehrer’s 2000 book, “A Bus of My Own.”

Dear Mr. Lehrer,

We need a bus for two. I understand you may have one of your own. I hate to be so up-front, but we’ve been invited to the Liberty Bell on Constitution Day to launch the Tinker Tour’s nationwide free speech/press and civics education bus tour….but we don’t have a bus yet. So could we borrow yours? (Or perhaps you know some bus people?)

In addition to Philadelphia, we’ve already been invited to schools, colleges and conventions all over the country (including Hawaii)(where we’ll probably have to settle for a temporary Tinker Tour convertible). But, alas, no bus. (Or reliable RV.)

We’d only need it after Labor Day this fall and will easily have it back to you before Memorial Day next year. (Much sooner if our StartSomeGood campaign doesn’t pan out by the end of this month.) Most schools are out by then (plus you’re busy working) — so it’s back in your hands by summer!

We’ll treat it with Love. Promise. Mary Beth is from the midwest, so she’s Garrison Keillor-style  polite. Mike’s a military brat and runs a tight ship.

Also, because you (or one of your bus friends) can donate the 9-months of use through the 501(c)(c), nonprofit Student Press Law Center, it could make financial sense.

In addition to our shared interest in buses, I’d also love to talk with you about our landmark 1969 Supreme Court case and about our national education tour. My case was about the power of young voices. We look forward to talking to — and hearing from — today’s young and new voices about the world my generation (the Baby Boomer’s) is leaving them.

Also, I know of your interest in the future of the journalism profession. Mike has been working with young journalists all his life and will continue to do so at each of stops, asking student media about what they see as their role in a changing world.

If it’s like what we’ve seen before, we think it will all make for a fascinating conversation.

So here’s my contact information. (You can also reach me through the Student Press Law Center.)

Call me,


(or MH)

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