May Day! May Day! Attention Student Media!

Happy May Day. 🙂

So it’s May 1 and our StartSomeGood campaign to fund our national free speech and civics education bus tour ends May 31.

We’ve had a strong start, raising nearly $5,000 during our first week and landing an invite to the Liberty Bell to kick off our tour on Constitution Day this fall. But we’ve a ways to go, the clock is ticking and we’re asking for your help getting the word out.

We are all connected. Or so they say. Mike and I are learning Twitter and Tumblr and SnapShotChat — but there is a reason I just wore an armband to spread my message. 🙂

Fabulous People Contest



That’s why we’re asking you to use your connections and magical social media skills (and any other skills) to help us get on the radar of fabulous people who can spread the word about the Tinker Tour and our quest for a bus (or reliable RV). It would be wonderful to have them send out a supportive Tweet (#tinkertour) to their followers and/or Instagram a photo for our brand new Peace Sign Campaign (#tinkertour).

Here’s a few “targets” we came up; please add any of your own. If you (or your class, if you make this a class project) can show your e-trail to reach your famous targets (or better, have them credit you in their message) and send it to us, we will keep a running tally on this blog and reward points as follows:

Entertainment (1 pt. each)
Examples: Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Katy Perry, Martin Sheen, Pink

Media (1 pt. each)
Examples: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, Jim Leher (who loves buses!)

Politics (2 pts. each)
Examples: Jeb Bush, President Obama

The Holy Grail (3 pts.): Elisabeth Shue (because Mike has had a crush on her since high school).

We haven’t figured out what the winning prize will be, we can only promise that it will be fabulous!

Have fun — and thank you!

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