Spring 2018 Itinerary



January 25   New Orleans, Louisiana

Defense Research Institute:  Civil Rights and Tort Liability Conference

“Armbands and Unrest: Student Speech Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate”


January 31  Washington DC

Student Press Law Center on  FB Live: Hazelwood Day of Action




February 19       Topeka, Kansas

Kansas Department of Education Annual Civic Engagement Conference


February 19     Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri Western State


February 24     Manhattan, Kansas

Kansas State University

Beach Museum


February 28        Washington, DC

Thurgood Marshall Academy




March 2     Phoenix, Arizona

Department of Education:  Annual Civic Learning & Civic Engagement    for High School & Middle School students


March 6     Wesley Chapel,  Florida

Wiregrass Ranch High School


March 8     Wesley Chapel, Florida

Dr. John Long Middle School


March 13     Washington, DC



March 13     Washington, DC

Studio Theatre: Museum of Contemporary American Teenagers program


March 14    Mclean, Virginia

Student rally for gun safety


March 22    Warren, Ohio

Lordstown High School


March 24    Silver Spring, Maryland

March For Our Lives Pre-march rally for gun safety


March 26     Claremont, North Carolina (SKYPE)

Bunker Hill High School


March 28      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania School of Education




April 6     Boston, Massachusetts  (SKYPE)

Graham & Parks Elementary School


April 9       Seminole County, Florida

AM:  Indian Trails Middle School

PM:  Chiles Middle School


April 10      Seminole County, Florida

AM:  South Seminole Middle School

PM: Milwee Middle School


April 12     Seminole County, Florida

AM: Teague Middle School

PM: Rock Lake Middle School


April 13     Seminole County Florida

AM: Markham Woods Middle School

PM: Rock Lake Middle School


April 19     Greendale, Wisconsin  (SKYPE)

Greendale High School


April 21    Manhattan, New York

Greater New York Social Studies Conference


April 23     Washington, DC

C-Span,  “Landmark Cases”




May 2    Oshkosh, Wisconsin   (SKYPE)

University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh,   School Leadership Class


May 16   Columbia, Maryland

Long Reach High School


May 23    Winsted, Connecticut

Teacher reception & Community event


May 24     Winsted, Connecticut

Northwest Middle School, “Civil Rights Stories Group”