3 responses to “Spring 2014 Itinerary (West Coast Tour)

  1. Looking forward to seeing if you end up anywhere near Colorado or Wyoming–not really the West Coast, but hoping.

    • Unfortunately, a planned Colorado visit this spring ran into scheduling problems with our CO hosts — but Mary Beth has tentative plans to be there in the fall 2014. We will be circling CO, however, with (so far) planned visits to Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Idaho, California, Oregon and Washington.

  2. Hello Ms. Tinker! My journalism adviser, Kathi Duffel, and I met you on Boston at the JEA/NSPA Fall High School Journalist Convention. We’d just like to say, you’re welcome to stop by our campus, Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California, while the Tinker Tour is in California. Our school has been through several students’ rights issues, but through peaceful me mediation and protests we’ve always been able to protect our rights! We’d love to see the Tinker Tour stop by Bear Creek High!

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